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Table 4 Relative risks of different safety outcomes and respective 95% CIs calculated using a normal approximation. Data from different studies were pooled when the same outcomes from the same treatments were available and when they referred to doses and/or regimens approved in Brazil

From: The Brazilian Society of Rheumatology guidelines for axial spondyloarthritis – 2019

OutcomeSerious adverse effectsDiscontinuation for any cause
Follow-up time (weeks)
12 to 24
DrugRelative risk95% CIRelative risk95% CI
Infliximab [111]1.300.28–6.120.780.14–4.15
Etanercept [113, 119, 120, 123]0.840.37–1.910.810.47–1.42
Adalimumab [126, 130, 131]1.590.49–5.061.490.65–3.39
Golimumab [133, 137, 138]0.940.35–2.561.190.52–2.75
Certolizumab pegol [139]1.180.43–3.360.740.34–1.58
Secukinumab [142]0.810.34–1.920.550.26–1.16