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Table 3 Active HHV infection detected via Nested-PCR in the DNA extracted from the serum samples

From: Active human herpesvirus infections in adults with systemic lupus erythematosus and correlation with the SLEDAI score

Patient Age (years) HHV-DNA SLEDAI Clinical symptoms in case of positive HHV-DNA DI Drug
MJBS 20 HCMV+HHV-7 12 CNS vasculitis, leukocyturia, headache, weakness, urinary tract infection. 3 Pred+Mtx
SRGS 45 HCMV 12 Hospitalization. Edema, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, HCMV disease in GIT; ganciclovir treatment. 3 Pred+CP + Aza
MPM 34 HSV-1 12 Abdominal pains and heart cramps when in the ventral decubitus position and bilateral paresthesia. 2 Pred
NDRS 43 HCMV 11 Hospitalization for UTI (antibiotic) and disseminated SLE. 2 Pred+CFF
LRMa 31 HCMV 10 Hospitalization died of pulmonary HCMV. Leucopenia, acute respiratory failure, sepsis and multiple organs failure, generalized edema, tachypnea, fever, anemia, high HSV, low C3 and C4, proteinuria, hematuria 3 Metpred, Pred, CP, Pred.100 mg
MMS 27 HHV-7 10 Hospitalization. Died of sepsis and refractory shock. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, skin with SLE, weakness, drowsiness, joint pain, and little urination with generalized edema, arthralgia in hands, shoulder, hips, knees and ankles 3 Aza
MFO 48 HHV-7 10 Arthralgia, headache 1 Pred
AMSA 33 HSV-2 9 Convulsion for more than 8 days. Severe headache and persistent joint pain in the lower limbs. 3 Pred
MPP 24 HCMV 8 Proteinuria, hypertension, obesity 3 Pred+Aza
LSR 41 HHV1 + HHV-7 8 Proteinuria, Candida albicans onychomycosis, multipolar dermatofibroma, psoriasis versicolor 3 Metilpred
SM 33 HHV-7 8 Headache, photosensitivity 3 Aza
FDO 34 HCMV+ HHV-7 4 Articular pains in the hands, lumbar spine with edema; pain in the sacral region when moving 3 Mtx
MASP 47 HSV-1 1 Joint pain mainly in the hands, limb femoral arthralgia, asthma and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura 3 Pred
MAB 46 HSV-1 0 Arthritis, photosensitivity, autoimmune hepatitis, neutrophilic cutaneous vasculitis, esophageal varices, aseptic leukocyturia 3 Pred/Aza
CMT 23 HSV-1 0 Intermittent joint and lumbar pain, cough with mucoid expectoration 3 Pred/Aza
  1. Legend: DI Degree of Immunosuppression, HCMV human cytomegalovirus, HHV human herpesvirus, HSV herpesvirus simplex, SLEDAI Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index, GIT gastrointestinal tract, UTI urinary tract infection, Pred prednisone, Mtx pethotrexate, CFF ciprofloxacin, Aza pzathioprine, Metpred Pulse dosing of methylprednisolone, CP cyclophosphamide; adeath by HCMV pneumonitis