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Table 5 Mean temperature by subgroups of storage location within the refrigerator

From: Home storage of biological medications administered to patients with rheumatic diseases

Storage location within the refrigeratorPatients included in analysis (n = 81)Mean temperatureStandard deviation
0 – Shelf/drawer just below the freezer105.63.0
1 - Shelves: back side, close to the wall264.82.4
2 - Shelves: front side205.83.6
3 - Shelves: side, close to the wall125.62.2
4 – Shelf/drawer above the lowest drawer (lower part of your refrigerator - lid of the vegetable drawer)86.72.9
5 - Refrigerator door36.11.4
6 - In the can dispenser, if available, on the door19.0---*
7 - In the can dispenser, if available, below the freezer19.1---*
  1. * Standard deviation in sites 6 and 7 was not considered because only one case was observed and, therefore, this is not applicable