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Table 3 Length and activity of disease and functional ability of participants in the rheumatoid arthritis group (RAG)

From: Hand strength in patients with RA correlates strongly with function but not with activity of disease

Variables (n = 121) Mean (±SD) Median [P25-P75]
Length of disease (years)   10 [5–16]
DAS28 2.98 (±1.32)  
HAQ   0.87 [0.31–1.75]
Cochin Hand Functional Score   8 [1–27]
DASH   20 [7.50–43.33]
  1. N: sample; SD: standard deviation; P25-P75: 25th and 75th percentiles; DAS28: Disease Activity Score; HAQ: Health Assessment Questionnaire; DASH: Disability of Arm, Shoulder, and Hand