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Table 2 Search strategies used in the MEDLINE, EMBASE and SCOPUS databases for obtaining evidence on drug therapies for rheumatoid arthritis

From: 2017 recommendations of the Brazilian Society of Rheumatology for the pharmacological treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Database Strategy
MEDLINE (via PubMed) ((((meta analysis[ptyp] OR meta-analysis[tiab] OR meta-analysis[mh] OR (systematic[tiab] AND review[tiab]) NOT ((case[ti] AND report[ti]) OR editorial[ptyp] OR comment[ptyp] OR letter[ptyp] OR newspaper article [ptyp])) OR (randomized controlled trial[Publication Type] OR (randomized[Title/Abstract] AND controlled[Title/Abstract] AND trial[Title/Abstract]))))) AND ((arthritis, rheumatoid[mh:noexp]) or (rheumatoid arthriti*[text word])) Filters: Publication date from 2006/01/01
EMBASE ‘rheumatoid arthritis’/mj AND ([cochrane review]/lim OR [systematic review]/lim OR [controlled clinical trial]/lim OR [randomized controlled trial]/lim OR [meta analysis]/lim) AND [2006–2016]/py NOT [medline]/lim
SCOPUS TITLE-ABS-KEY(rheumatoid arthritis) AND((TITLE-ABS-KEY(randomized) AND TITLE-ABS-KEY(controlled) AND TITLE-ABS-KEY(trial)) OR (TITLE-ABS-KEY(meta-analysis) OR (TITLE-ABS-KEY(systematic) AND TITLE-ABS-KEY(review)))) AND (PUBYEAR > 2006) AND NOT (INDEX(medline) or INDEX(embase))