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Table 1 Instruction of daily care (IDC)

From: The effect of rehabilitation protocol using mobile health in overweight and obese patients with knee osteoarthritis: a clinical trial

Activity name IDC
Sitting When there is option of sitting than standing, then prefer to sitting. Prefer your sitting on high stool or chair rather than low level
Standing from sitting When you are standing from sitting position, and then initially sit at the edge of bed, chair or stool with the feet on the ground at the level of hips. Use the hands to push up from the bed, chair or stool
Walking Do not walk, jog or run as an exercise plan. Walking stick can be used on the opposite hand of the affected knee OA. If both knees are affected, then walker can be used. Use of knee brace and jogging shoes with well cushioned soles during walking is highly recommended
Stair climbing Avoid stair climbing. But if there is need of stair climbing then support the side rails with your hands by placing the affected foot first on a stair step then the unaffected foot on the same step
Working Prefer working on a high stool or chair
Body weight Try to reduce your weight by avoiding taking of sugary foods, drinks and high fat foods. Eat mostly plant-based foods. Add omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet
  1. IDC, instructions of daily care