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Table 1 Main studies focusing on Incidence, outcomes, and prognostic factors of COVID-19 in rheumatoid arthritis and spondiloarthritis patients

From: Pathogenic implications, incidence, and outcomes of COVID-19 in autoimmune inflammatory joint diseases and autoinflammatory disorders

First author Study design Sample size RA patients SpA patients PsA patients Outcome of COVID-19 patients with inflammatory arthropathies Prognostic factors
FAI2R /SFR/SNFMI/SOFREMIP/CRI/IMIDIATE consortium and contributors Observational study 694 213 165 70 Severe COVID-19/hospitalization in RA: 29; SpA: 5; PsA: 6
Death in RA: 20; SpA: 1; PsA: 3
Older age
Longer term of GCs
Gianfrancesco et al. Observational study 600 225 48 74 Severe COVID-19/hospitalization in RA: 104; SpA: 16; PsA: 22
Death in the overall cohort including also CTD: 55
Older age
Higher doses of GCs
Hasseli et al. Retrospective observational study 468 146 125 * Severe COVID-19/hospitalization in RA: 79; SpA: 20 severe COVID-19
Death in the overall cohort including also CTD: 19
Older age
Treatment with GCs at doses > 5 mg/day
Moderate to high RMD disease activity
Montero et al. Retrospective observational study 62 20 16 * Severe COVID-19/hospitalization in RA: 15; SpA: 11
Death in the overall cohort including also CTD: 10
Male Gender
Preexisting lung disease
Treatment with GC at dose > 5 mg/day
Pang et al. Observational study 21 15 Severe COVID-19/hospitalization in RA: 15
0 death
Cheng et al. Observational study 5 4 5 hospitalised
0 death
Not reported
Marques et al. Observational study 334 95 45 23 110 hospitalised
28 death
Age > 50 years
Treatment with GCs and cyclophosphamide
  1. GCs: Glucocorticoids; PsA: Psoriatic arthritis; RA: Rheumatoid arthritis; RMD: Rheumatic Diseases; SpA: Spondiloarthritis
  2. *In these studies, PsA patients are included in the SpA group