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Table 3 Realiation between Fibromiyalgia Impact Questionnare, Pitsburg Sleep Quality Index, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and Fear of COVİD-19 Scale, Coronavirus Anxiety Scele in Fibromiyalgia Group

From: The effects of COVID-19 fear and anxiety on symptom severity, sleep quality, and mood in patients with fibromyalgia: a pilot study

n = 31 FCV-19S CAS
r P r p
FIQR 0.724 < 0.01 0.558 0.001
PSQI 0.416 0.020 0.439 0.014
HADS-anx 0.712 0.001 0.423 0.018
HADS-dep 0.316 0.084 0.339 0.062
  1. FIQR Fibromiyalgia impact questionnare-revised, PSQI Pitsburg sleep quality index, HADS Hospital anxiety and depression scale, FCV-19S Fear of coronavirus-19 scale, CAS Coronavirus anxiety scale, r correlation cofficients, p values show statistical significance, bold values show p < 0.05, p values calculated with Spearman correlation test