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Table 2 Convergent and discriminant validity of JSS-TR in FMS patients (n = 81)

From: Psychometric properties of Turkish version of Jenkins sleep scale in fibromyalgia syndrome

Convergent validitySpearman’s rhoSignificance (p)
PSQI0.79< 0,0005
VAS-pain0.43< 0.0005
FSS0,42< 0,0005
EQ-5D Index-0,43< 0,0005
BDI0,53< 0,0005
FIQ0,41< 0,0005
Discriminant validity
 Disease duration0.0520.647
  1. JSS-TR Turkish version of Jenkins Sleep Scale, FMS Fibromyalgia syndrome, N Number, PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, VAS Visual Analogue Scale, FSS Fatigue Severity Scale, EQ-5D European Quality of Life Scale-5 Dimensions, BDI Beck Depression Inventory, FIQ Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire, BMI Body Mass Index