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Table 4 Preferred therapeutic regimens of conventional synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) in Brazil

From: Rheumatoid artrhitis treatment in Brazil: data from a large real-life multicenter study

Synthetic DMARD RegimenaN (%)
Methotrexate monotherapy154 (13.7)
Methotrexate + corticosteroid135 (12.0)
Methotrexate + leflunomide95 (8.4)
Methotrexate + leflunomide + corticosteroid55 (4.9)
Leflunomide monotherapy52 (4.6)
Methotrexate + antimalarial (hydroxichloroquine or chloroquine)31 (2.8)
Leflunomide + corticosteroid30 (2.7)
Antimalarial (hydroxichloroquine or chloroquine monotherapy)17 (1.5)
Otherb140 (12.4)
  1. a NSAIDs allowed for pain relief on an as-needed basis. b All other regimens of conventional synthetic DMARD whether in monotherapy or combination (none exceeding 1.5% of prescriptions individually)