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Table 3 Rheumatoid arthritis features associated with corticosteroid use

From: Rheumatoid artrhitis treatment in Brazil: data from a large real-life multicenter study

Clinical featureaN(%)bOdds ratio for corticosteroid use (95% CI)
Moderate or high disease activityc (DAS28-ESR)543 (58.7)1.50 (1.15–1.96)
Moderate or high disease activityc (DAS28-CRP)437 (57.3)1.59 (1.23–2.06)
High-titer rheumatoid factord616 (56.1)1.64 (1.29–2.08)
Positive anti-CCP368 (76.8)2.27 (1.48–3.51)
Erosive diseasee602 (54.9)1.56 (1.23–1.98)
Anemia78 (7.03)2.37 (1.46–3.85)
Subcutaneous nodules92 (8,3)1.82 (1.18–2.82)
  1. a Groups of patients with and without each feature were compared (binary logistic regression); p < 0.05 for all comparisons. b Total numbers and percentage of patients with the clinical feature among all those assessed for that variable. c Defined as DAS28 score > 3.2 d Defined as at least 3 times the upper limit of normality e Defined as at least 3 erosions in some specified joints (see methodology)