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Table 2 RA patients’ clinical characteristics in the REAL cohort

From: Rheumatoid artrhitis treatment in Brazil: data from a large real-life multicenter study

Clinical VariableResultsNa
Disease durationb, median (min-max)152.5 (8–683)1115
Positive rheumatoid factor (%)78.71105
Positive ACPA (%)76.8477
Time to first DMARDc, median (min-max)12 (0–624)995
Erosive disease (%)55.21105
DAS28-ESR, median (min-max)3.5 (0.3–8.2)932
DAS28-CRP, median (min-max)3.7 (1.0–8.1)944
CDAI, median (min-max)9 (0–70)1122
HAQ, median (min-max)0.875 (0–3)1121
SF-12 physical component, median (min-max)36.1 (17.5–55.9)1035
SF-12 mental component, median (min-max)46.9 (14.3–72.0)1035
Remission (DAS28-ESR)26.2% 
Low disease activity (DAS28-ESR)15.1% 
Moderate disease activity (DAS28-ESR)41.8% 
High disease activity (DAS28-ESR)16.9% 
  1. a Numbers of patients assessed for each clinical variable. b Total disease duration in months. c Time-interval from first symptoms to first prescribed DMARD (in months). ACPA anti-citrullinated peptide antibody. DAS28 Disease Activity Score – 28 joints. ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate. CDAI Clinical Disease Activity Index. HAQ Health Assessment Questionnaire. SF-12 12-Item Short-Form Health Survey