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Table 6 Incidence (mean) of acute anterior uveitis (AAU) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and respective 95% CIs calculated using a normal approximation. Data from different studies were pooled when the same outcomes from the same treatments were available and when they referred to doses and/or regimens approved in Brazil. * 95% CI reported by the authors of the original study. ** No new case or reactivation was reported in the study with golimumab IV. The incidence of this event was not described in studies with SC golimumab injections

From: The Brazilian Society of Rheumatology guidelines for axial spondyloarthritis – 2019

OutcomeIncidence (events/100 PY)
DrugAAU Incidence95% CIIBD Incidence95% CI
Infliximab [179, 189]3.40.5–6.40.20–0.9*
Etanercept [179, 189]7.95.4–10.51.30–4.2*
Adalimumab [180, 189]7.44.7––2.5*
Golimumab [133, 138, 187]2.20–5.20**
Certolizumab pegol [141, 186]4.93.0–6.90.10–0.3
Secukinumab [142]1.00.3––1.3