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Table 4 Historical criteria background for saliva production in Sjögren’s syndrome diagnosis

From: Unstimulated whole salivary flow in Sjögren’s Syndrome: systematic literature review and meta-analysis

Author Year Objective dry mouth evaluation included for diagnosis. Value
Daniels et al. 1975 There are no established objective criteria for determining the presence of the oral component of SS. NA
Manthorpe et al. 1975–1976 No NA
Skopoul et al. 1986 No, they mention subjective xerostomia and stimulated modified whole sialometry NA
Fox et al. 1986 No Just mention decreased basal and stimulated salivary flow rate
Vitali et al. 1993 Objective evidence of salivary gland involvement determined based on a positive result from at least 1 of the following 3 tests: Salivary scintigraphy, parotid sialography, USF. USF ≤1,5 ml/15 min
Fujibayashi et al. 1999 Optional in an item, gum or Saxon test NA
Vitali et al. 2002 Yes UWSF ≤1,5 ml/15 min
Fujibayashi et al. 2004 Yes Flow rate ≤10 ml/10 min
Shiboski et al. 2012 No NA
Shiboski et al. 2016 Yes UWSF ≤0,1 ml/min
  1. NA Not available, USF Unstimulated Salivary Flow, UWSF Unstimulated Whole Salivary Flow