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Table 5 Categories and codes identified (focus group)

From: Adolescents’ social needs living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and their views about digital resources

Categories Codes %* Examples
What resource would you create? Information 85.71 “Personally, I agree with what the people interviewed said. Because I think it is very important to be informed at all times about JIA.” [Girl, 18 years]
“I already know some of these things, but I would like to know more about them in-depth.” [Girl, 15 years]
Interaction with someone experienced 85.71 “… I think the best thing would be to be able to contact other patients who have been treating JIA for more years … people about thirty or forty years old, I don’t know, but have more experience with it.” [Girl, 17 years]
Interaction with other teens with JIA 71.43 “I would like to know someone I could talk to about these topics and the things that I often don’t have anybody to talk to about. The other person can give you advice just like you can give her advice.” [Girl, 15 years]
Including surveys 28.57 “The surveys could be very different from each other, for example, asking what joints are most affected, and so being able to contact people who are in the same situation as you are, or about what you would recommend, in other words, completely different responses from each other to guide you, that are always welcome, even though each case is different.” [Girl, 18 years]
Which resource would you choose? Option A: Facebook   “I think the best tool is Facebook because it is the most comfortable because it includes chat, and it is the most well-known, so that it is also the one that gives the best options.” [Girl, 11 years]
Option B: Instagram + WhatsApp
Option C: Moodle
  “I think the best option would be B, the one with Instagram and WhatsApp, because it is the combination of the two applications that kids our age use the most. So I think it is the most accessible option for everyone.” [Girl, 15 years]
“… with the least used pages in google searches, such as Moodle...” [Girl, 18 years]
“I’m not familiar with Moodle because I never use it.”
[Girl, 17 years]
Option D: Wordpress   “… with the least used pages in google searches, such as … or Wordpress.” [Girl, 18 years]