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Table 1 General features of the 43 participants, psoriasis, and the findings of the rheumatologic examination

From: The musculoskeletal impairment negatively impacts the quality of life of children and adolescents with psoriasis

Featuresn (%)
Female sex27 (62.8%)
Age (years) - mean (S.D.)10 (2.9)
Clinical forms of psoriasis
 Plaque31 (72.1%)
 Guttate21 (48.8%)
Lesions in exposed areas7 (16.3%)
Family history of psoriasisc15 (34.9%)
Family history of psoriatic arthritisc4 (11,1%)
Complaint of joint pain15 (34.9%)
Complaint of low back pain5 (11.6%)
PASIa - median (min-max)3.6 (0–30.2)
NAPSIb - median (min-max)11 (3–36)
Pain on palpation of entheses10 (23.1%)
>  11 tender points9 (20.9%)
Joint pain on examination7 (16.3%)
Pain on palpation of the sacroiliac joints3 (7%)
  1. aPASI Psoriasis Area and Severity Index, bNAPSI Nail Psoriasis Severity Index
  2. cIn first-degree relatives