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Table 4 HOME FAST BRAZIL-SR Score Conversion with the corresponding score of the 25 HOME FAST items, Curitiba, PR, Brazil, 2017

From: The HOME FAST BRAZIL self-report version: translation and transcultural adaptation into Brazilian Portuguese

171, 14Scores if “yes” for 1 or “no” for 14C or 14D or 14E
42Scores if “no” for 2A or 2B
23Scores if “no” for 3A
34Scores if “yes” for 4A or 4B or 4C
15Scores if “yes” for 5A or 5B or 5C or 5D or 5E
76, 7Scores if “no” for 6A or “yes” for 6B or if yes for 7G
87Scores if “no” for 7A, 7B, 7C - all of them
97Scores if “no” for 7 D or 7E or “yes” for 7F
68Scores if “yes” for 8A or 8B or “no” for 8C
59Scores if “yes” for 9C or if “no” for 9A or 9B or 9D
1010Scores if “no” for 10A or 10C or 10E or “yes” for 10B or 10D
1510Scores if “no” for 10F or “yes” for 10G or 10H
1111, 12Scores if “no” for 11A or 11B or 12B or “yes” for 12A or 12C
1311,12,13Scores if “no” for 11D or 11E or 12D or 13C
1411,12,13Scores if “no” for 11C or 12E or 13D
1213Scores if “no” for 13A or “yes” for 13B
1614Scores if “no” for 14A or 14B
2015Scores if “yes” for 15A or 15B or 15C or 15D or 15E
2115Scores if “no” for 15F or 15H or “yes” for 15G
1815aScores if “yes” for 15Aa or “no” for 15I or 15 J or 15 K
1915bScores if “yes” for 15Bb or “no” for 15 L or 15 M or 15 N
2216Scores if “no” for 16A or 16B or “yes” for 16C
2317Scores if “yes” for 17A or 17B or 17C or 17D or 17E or 17F
2418,19Scores if “yes” for 18 or “no” for 19A or 19B or 19C
2520Scores if “yes” for 20A or 20B or 20C
  1. 15Aa, 15B b refer to the questions themselves, not to the subdivision of question 15. SR, self-report