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Table 1 Final version of the Pain Response to Activity and Position Questionnaire (PRAP)

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and reliability of the pain response to activity and position questionnaire

Positions and activitiesNo painBetterThe sameWorseN/A
1 When you stand for more than 5 min.()()()()()
2 When you walk a block or more.()()()()()
3 When you sit for more than 5 min.()()()()()
4 When you lean over the sink.()()()()()
5 When you drive a car.()()()()()
6 When you lie on your back.()()()()()
7 When you lie on your side.()()()()()
8 When you lie on your stomach.()()()()()
9 When you cough or bend your body forward.()()()()()
10 When you wake up in the morning.()()()()()
11 At the end of the day.()()()()()
12 When you move from the sitting position to the standing position.()()()()()
13 When you push something heavy like a vacuum cleaner or furniture.()()()()()
14 When you lift heavy objects off the floor.()()()()()
15 When you carry heavy objects.()()()()()