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Table 3 Results of multivariate binary logistic regression to assess probable factors causing leprosy patients to become negative for aPL antibodies

From: Epidemiological, clinical and immune factors that influence the persistence of antiphospholipid antibodies in leprosy

Predictor95% CIOdds ratio (OR)p-value
Model 1
 Lepromatous form0.0–0.760.020.034
 Prednisone use0.0–4.880.090.237
 Thalidomide use0.01–14.70.440.647
Model 2
 Lepromatous form0.0–0.920.030.044
 Prednisone dose0.71–1.180.920.504
 Thalidomide dose0.95–1.030.990.670