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Table 1 Profile of requests of medication for psoriatic arthritis at Belo Horizonte health region

From: Access to high-cost medications for psoriatic arthritis in the National Health System in Brazil: the long path up to dispensation

Proximal variables
 Sex – Female12456.9
 Race – White9554.0
Age in years52.31 (12.37)
BMI in Kg/m227.20 (4.84)
Appraisal – Accepted19489.0
Correct/complete Documentation19489.0
Correct/complete examinations19489.0
Requested medications per class
Medical Specialty
 General Practice145.4
Type of Requesting Unit
 General Practice9243.4
 Clinic/Center of Specialties3315.6
Attends the SUS
Distal variable
 Persistent along 12 months11054.5
Mean Time of Persistence along 12 months265.25 (128.18)
  1. Italic: continuous variables, described by mean and standard deviation
  2. Proximal variable = cross-sectional variables, collected in the administrative processes
  3. Distal variables = longitudinal variable, collected after 12 months in the information systems