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Table 3 Work productivity assessed through WALS, WPAI:RA and WLQ-25 questionnaires among RA patients at baseline

From: Burden of rheumatoid arthritis on patients’ work productivity and quality of life

Work ProductivityArgentinaBrazilColombiaMexicoTotal
WALSN = 52N = 22N = 64N = 68N = 206
1.Get to and from work and maintain punctuality [N/%]1834.61150.03046.92435.38340.3
2. Getting to the workplace [N/%]2650.01150.04367.23652.911656.3
3. Sitting for long periods of time at your job [N/%]1732.71045.53859.43450.09948.1
4. Standing for long periods of time at your job [N/%]3465.41568.24976.64667.614469.9
5. Lift, carry or move objects [N/%]3975.01881.85281.35682.416580.1
6. Working with your hands [N/%]3567.31777.34570.33044.112761.7
7. Crouching, bend, kneel or work in awkward positions [N/%]4382.72090.95281.35885.317384.0
8. Stretch out [N/%]3363.51986.44062.53754.412962.6
9. With the schedule of hours of work that your job requires [N/%]1834.61254.53046.93044.19043.7
10. With the pace of work that your job requires [N/%]2751.91254.53757.84261.810651.5
11. Meet your current job demands [N/%]2548.11463.63656.33754.411053.4
12. To concentrate and keep your mind on your work [N/%]1936.51254.5710.92536.89244.7
Overall score of WALS (0–36)8.45.610.
WPAI:RAN = 73N = 52N = 72N = 75N = 272
Normal Daily Activities
 % Daily activity impairment due to RA34.
Professional Activities
 % Impairment while working due to RA (presenteeism)*23.923.932.626.840.532.223.128.529.528.8
 % Work time missed due to RA (absenteeism)*
 % Overall work impairment due to RA (absenteeism and presenteeism)*10.325.05.923.97.621.98.920.38.622.6
WLQ-25N = 59N = 36N = 43N = 53N = 191
 % work impairment due to physical demands41.124.737.724.135.524.044.028.740.321.4
 % work impairment due to time demands33.524.729.330.632.426.827.929.030.928.0
 % work impairment due to output demands27.624.418.119.329.925.822.723.324.923.8
 % work impairment due to mental-interpersonal demands20.121.915.218.020.924.816.
WLQ-25 index (%)