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Table 2 Description of studied clinical characteristics among RA patients at baseline

From: Burden of rheumatoid arthritis on patients’ work productivity and quality of life

(N = 75)(N = 68)(N = 72)(N = 75)(N = 290)
Clinical characteristics
 Body Mass Index [Mean/SD]26.84.929.
 Patients who underwent at least one previous orthopedic surgery1824.01217.61115.379.34816.6
Disease characteristics
 Disease duration (years) [Mean/SD]
 Time since symptoms onset (years) [Mean/SD]9.79.0127.
 Patients with medication coverage/insurance6890.74769.16995.85573.323982.4
 Use of DMARDs6688.06088.26286.16992.026089.7
Disease activity (RAPID3 score)
 Low severity1722.711.5912.51114.73813.1
 Moderate severity1418.72333.82129.22128.07927.2
 High severity2229.33855.93143.12229.311339.0
Direct medical resource utilization in the last three months
 Patients with at least one outpatient visit5877.35276.55880.55674.722477.2
 Patients with at least one visit to perform tests4762.74870.64562.54965.319667.9
 Patients who underwent at least one surgery (any type)45.311.545.611.3103.4