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Table 4 Studies comprising quantitative results on PDa

From: The use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of nail disease among patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: a systematic review

Studies Population PD Results
Aydin et al. (2017) [27] PsO NPD: 84.6% Presence of nail bed with PD signal was similar among patients with PsO and healthy controls.
Controls NPD: 81.6%
Paramalingam et al. (2017) [29] PsA NPD: 96.0% Patients with PsA presented with a slightly higher percentage of nails with PD signal than patients with OA.
OA NPD: 95.0%
Acquitter et al. (2016) [30] Patients with PsO with nail disease NPD: 44.5% NPD was higher in patients with PsO with nail disease; however, differences among groups were not significant.
Patients with scalp PsO and/or inverse PsO NPD: 39.0%
Mendonça et al. (2014) [34] PsA NPD mean (SD): 0.88 (0.31) NPD was slightly lower in patients with PsA than controls.
Controls NPD mean (SD): 1.0 (0.00)
Sandobal et al. (2014) [35] PsO Increase PD signal in nail beds: 20.5% Patients with psoriatic arthropathy showed increased PD signal in nail bed (p = 0.0001).
PsA Increase PD signal in nail beds: 23.4%
RA Increase PD signal in nail beds: 2.2%
Controls Increase PD signal in nail beds: 19.6%
Haddad et al. (2012) [39] PsO Nail bed vascularity: 14% Comparing the three groups, patients with PsO and PsA presented with statistically significantly lower values of nail bed vascularity than controls (p < 0.001).
Comparing patients with PsO and PsA, patients with PsO presented with lower nail bed vascularity than patients with PsA; however, no statistically significant differences were observed (p = 0.44).
PsA Nail bed vascularity: 18%
Controls Nail bed vascularity: 20%
  1. NPD presence of power Doppler in the nail bed, OA osteoarthritis, PD power Doppler, PsA psoriatic arthritis, PsO psoriasis, RI Resistive Index, SD standard deviation
  2. aOnly studies with quantitative results regarding nail thickness, trilaminar appearance, presence of PD signal, and nail RI were included in this table