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Table 1 Profile of the selected schools in the city of São Paulo in relation to the numbers of students and locations

From: Prevalence of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in schoolchildren from the city of São Paulo, the largest city in Latin America

Non- participantsParticipants
Size Tertiles67100.0%12100.0%79100.0%0.682
 ≤ 1167 students2435.8%325.0%2734.2% 
 MSP East Zone 11725.4%216.7%1924.1% 
 MSP East Zone 2710.4%18.3%810.1% 
 MSP South Zone 11319.4%216.7%1519.0% 
 MSP South Zone 257.5%18.3%67.6% 
 MSP West Zone710.4%650.0%1316.5% 
 MSP North Zone 1710.4%00.0%78.9% 
 MSP North Zone 257.5%00.0%56.3% 
 MSP Central Zone69.0%00.0%67.6% 
  1. 2013 Census [22]
  2. p Descriptive level of Fisher’s exact test
  3. MSP Municipality of São São Paulo