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Table 2 Compound/mixed patterns of the Brazilian consensus for autoantibodies on HEp-2 cells

From: V Brazilian consensus guidelines for detection of anti-cell autoantibodies on hep-2 cells

ICAP codePatternMorphological descriptionAssociated autoantibodies
BAC-1Nuclear fine speckled, nucleolar speckled plus discrete bright dots at the metaphase plate (NOR)Cells in interphase with fine speckled nuclear and nucleolar decoration, highlighted with speckled pattern (individual points). Cytoplasm not stained. Metaphase plate with five to 10 dots, corresponding to the nucleolar organizing regions (NOR)Anti-RNA polymerase I and II
BAC-2Nuclear coarse speckled plus nucleolar homogeneous with peripheral staining of the metaphase plate (non-stained chromosomes)Cells in interphase with nuclear fine speckled staining, nucleolar homogeneous staining, metaphase cells with fluorescent decoration around the metaphase plate.Anti-Ku
AC-14Variable-intensity nuclear speckled with mitotic centromere and intercellular bridgeNuclear speckled pattern with variability in fluorescence intensity, greater in G2 phase and negative/moderate in G1 phase. Centromeres stained only in prometaphase and metaphase. Cells during pro-metaphase show delicate decoration of the nuclear envelope. Cytoplasm in mitotic cells diffusely stainedAnti-CENP-F
BAC-5Cytoplasmic dense fine speckled to homogeneous staining plus nucleolar homogeneousNucleoli with weak homogeneous fluorescence or negative. The cytoplasm expresses intense fine dense (tending to homogeneous) speckled staining. Negative nuclei and mitotic cells.Anti-rRNP (ribosomal anti-protein P).
AC-26Nuclear fine speckled with fluorescence in mitotic apparatusInterphase cells show nucleus stained as fine speckled, usually at high titre. Mitotic cells in metaphase and anaphase show a well-defined and delicate staining of the pericentrosome region, also of the proximal parts of the mitotic spindle. At telophase, there is speckled staining of the newly formed nuclei and no staining of the intercellular bridge.Anti-NuMA1.
AC-29Nuclear fine speckled with fluorescence at the metaphase plate, nucleolar organizing region (NOR) and cytoplasmProminent nuclear fine speckled staining in interphase cells, fine speckled staining of condensed chromatin in mitotic cells with strong staining of nucleolar organizing region (NOR). Weak cytoplasmic staining in interphase (and mitotic) cells and variable nucleolar staining that can appear as a punctate nucleolar or perinucleolar staining.Anti-DNA topoisomerase I (Scl-70)
  1. BAC Brazilian AC code. Preliminary designation that may be changed according to future ICAP determinations. AC Anti-cell code (designation according to ICAP)