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Table 2 Shows comparison of all questionnaire parameters in both positions

From: A single simple position for ultrasound assessment of both common extensor and common flexor origin at the elbow

  t Sig. (2-tailed)
Time N L – Time S L −3.262 .002
Skin N L – Skin S L −13.358 .000
Image N L – Image S L −12.756 .000
Over N L – Over S L −12.548 .000
Time N M – Time S M −10.038 .000
Skin N M – Skin S M −11.772 .000
Image N M–Image S M −5.368 .000
Over N M – Over S M −9.608 .000
  1. Time Time needed to examine the tendon, Skin difficulty in maintaining the probe contact to the skin, Image Difficulty in getting good image, Over The overall impression of simplicity of the position, N new position, S standard position, L common extensor, M common flexor)