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Table 3 Impact of PsA: comparison of categories found in Brazil and France

From: The effects of cultural background on patient-perceived impact of psoriatic arthritis - a qualitative study conducted in Brazil and France

  Brazil Common Categories France
Physical Impact Weight gain/loss
Joint swelling
Joint deformities
Sexual dysfunction
Functional disability
Sleep disorders
Joint stiffness
Emotional Impact Embarrassment/Shame Anxiety
Lack of interest
Depressed mood
Low self esteem
Poor concentration
Professional Impact Discrimination at work Inability to perform job-related activities
Absenteeism/job losses
PsA symptoms impaired by occupational activity
Financial impact
Low productivity
Inability to work full-time
Necessity to delegate tasks and/or ask for other people’s help
Difficulties to create a long term career plan
Necessity to change position in company
Necessity to change occupational activity
Difficulties to get a job
PsA impairing career advancement
Social Impact Discrimination in social life Patient perception of harming relatives
Incomprehension of disability by relatives
Limited activities with younger relatives
Limitation to children’s care
Limitation to leisure activities
Limitation to sports
Sports impairing PsA symptoms