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Table 1 Variables assessed in study visits

From: The REAL study: a nationwide prospective study of rheumatoid arthritis in Brazil

Variables Initial visit Intermediate visit Final visit
  (6 ± 1 months) (12 ± 1 months)
Study entry Invitation x   
Informed consent x   
Medical history with chart review Evaluation of inclusion and exclusion criteria x   
Demographic data x   
Socioeconomic data x   
Disease duration x   
Time from symptoms onset to diagnosis x   
Time from symptoms onset to the 1st DMARD x   
Local and medical specialty of the physician on the 1st appointment related with the onset of symptoms x   
Previous medications/ injections x   
History of joint surgeries x   x
Comorbidities x   x
Extra-articular manifestations x   x
Alcohol consumption x   x
Smoking x   x
Physical exercise frequency x   x
Employment situation x x x
Medications in use/injections x x x
Physical Exam Blood pressure x x x
Heart rate x x x
Body mass index x x x
Joint count x x x
Patient reported outcomes Functional capacity (HAQ-DI) x x x
Pain (VAS) x x x
General health (VAS) x x x
Disease activity within in the previous 6 months VAS x x x
Current disease activity VAS x x x
Fatigue (VAS) x x x
Morning stiffness (VAS) x x x
Quality of life (SF-12 / SF-6D) x x x
DMARD use and adherence x x x
Articular index assessment x x x
Laboratory Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (mm) x x x
C-reactive protein (mg/dL) x x x
Rheumatoid factor x   
Anti-citrullinated protein antibody x   
X-ray Bone erosions of hands and feet x   
Physician assessment Assessment of disease activity by a rheumatologist x x x
Disease activity index DAS28-ESR x x x
DAS28-CRP x x x
CDAI x x x
SDAI x x x
RADAI x x x
  1. DMARD disease-modifying antirheumatic drug, HAQ-DI Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index, VAS visual analogue scale, SF-12 12-Item Short-Form Health Survey, SF-6D Short-Form 6 dimensions, DAS28 Disease Activity Score 28-joint count, CDAI Clinical Disease Activity Index, SDAI Simplified Disease Activity Index, RADAI Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Index