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Table 4 Linear regression analysis for the effect of HGS on JADAS-27, JAFS, and PedQL outcome among JIA patients

From: Association of hand grip strength with disease activity, disability and quality of life in children and adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Variables Beta SE Adjusted R2 95% CI P
JADAS-27 −0.128 0.053 0.181 (−0.238–0.018) .025
JAFS −0.657 0.167 0.396 (−1.005–0.309) .001
PedsQL 1.837 0.822 0.154 (0.128–3.546) .036
  1. JADAS-27 juvenile arthritis disease activity score, JAFS juvenile arthritis functionality scale, PedsQL pediatric quality of life, SE standard error, CI confidence interval, R2 R square